UFO sighting on Carnival cruise ship?

When you’re embarking on your cruise voyage, you’ll look forward to delightful meals and drinks, exceptional sightseeing opportunities and the chance to explore new cultures.

What you do not expect to see, however, is a UFO!

Onboard a Carnival cruise ship in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, passengers reported seeing an object in the sky they could not identify. The sighting immediately sparked discussion, with some claiming that it could have been a military drone, video editing technology or a wide manner of other things.

The object certainly looks unusual and does not have the traditional shape associated with UFOs through the media.

Video:UFO seen over a Carnival Cruise Ship

UFO seen over a Carnival Cruise Ship

YouTube user ThirdPhaseofMoon uploaded the video, which has proved to be particularly popular online, recording 85,237 views to the current day.

However, the validity of the video has been questioned by some users, with scOtte1 saying: “Sorry, but when the ‘UFO’ entered the clouds you can tell that it was poor editing using the fade out tool.  Completely obvious.”

On the other hand, some people believe the flying object is instead a military carrier.

Whether people are getting carried away over nothing, or there really are aliens visiting Florida, the video has sparked a lot of discussion on YouTube and the cruise community in general.

It is not the first time UFOs have been allegedly spotted in the state, with a report from Mutual UFO Network recently reporting that another fast-moving object was seen in broad daylight on September 15th of this year.

A photo of the flying structure was taken by a witness driving on I-95 southbound near Fort Lauderdale.

Could it be that Fort Lauderdale is a preferred spot for visitors, or are all the claims false?

What do you think? Did the passengers see UFOs and have you seen any yourself?


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