Oasis of the Seas in Southampton

Oasis of the Seas in Southampton

Oasis of the Seas has now finished having her refit and finally came into the port of Southampton earlier today. It was a big deal to have the world’s largest cruise ship (joint with her sister Allure) stop off at the UK’s port. Many visitors made their way to Southampton just to get a glimpse of just how larger Oasis is.

If you were not lucky enough to see Oasis of the Seas in Southampton, there are pictures over on the Daily Echo, as well as a video of her entering the port below. This was such a big occasion and so we had tug boats spraying water, as well as helicopters circling her as she manoeuvred into City Cruise Terminal.

Oasis of the Seas video 1

This is the first time that Oasis of the Seas has visited the UK, and so took a lot of skill to get such a large ship into port, although the experience of the Captain and pilots made certain everything went smoothly.

Many cruise lovers made the trip down to Southampton in order to see just how magnificent this giant of a cruise ship is.

She is due to set sail again later tonight, once the more than 6,000 passengers have boarded. Once she leaves port, the destination will be Fort Lauderale, Florida, calling at Vigo, Spain along the way.

 Oasis of the seas in Southampton

Oasis of the Seas Video 2


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