Star Clippers building new masted ship for 2017

Star Clippers Royal Clipper Pictured.

Star Clippers said it will build its first new ship in 15 years, a five-masted barque that will be the largest in its fleet and the largest such cruise sailing vessel afloat.

The ship will have more than 60,000 square feet of sail, which will be its primary motive power. It will be designed to carry 300 passengers, larger than the 227-passenger Royal Clipper that is the biggest of the three vessels now in Star Clippers’ fleet.

As yet unnamed, the 8,770-gross-ton ship will be modeled on the France II, a ship that was primarily a cargo vessel built in 1911. Nearly 500 feet in length, it was the largest tall ship of its time.

Star Clippers owner Mikael Krafft said it has long been his ambition to build a modern replica of the France II. “The ship’s rig will be identical to France II and dimensions will be very similar, although we have added various features that will make this the most magnificent passenger sailing ship afloat,” he said.

The ship will have three pools, including one that will funnel light into the atrium and main dining area.

Star Clippers said the ship, being built in Croatia, is scheduled to be delivered in the second half of 2017.  Sales will open in 2016, Star Clippers said.


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