Carnival makes higher commission levels easier to reach

Carnival Cruise Line said it will lower the number of cruises agents have to sell to reach a higher tier in its commission structure.

The move will make it easier for agents to earn more selling Carnival and reverses a move the line made three years ago in the opposite direction.

Adolfo Perez, vice president of trade sales and marketing, said the move was his top priority since being promoted to his new job in June.

“Essentially what we’re doing is reducing each of the thresholds for each of the commission levels, so anywhere from the 11% to the 15% commission level we’ve reduced the number of sailed cabins required to hit that tier,” Perez said.

For example, agents who previously had to sell 400 cabins to earn the 15% level will now have to sell 250. To earn 14%, the threshold goes from 300 to 175.

The 13% level is now reached at 125 cabins, down from 200, while the 12% level is reached at 50 cabins, down from 100.

Small or beginning agents will need to sell 40 cabins, down from 50, to boost their commission rate to 11% from the starting rate of 10%.

Agencies already earning the top rate of 16% are unaffected. Perez said he feels the structure for those commission levels is already adequate.

In a statement, Vicky Garcia, chief operating officer of Cruise Planners of Coral Springs, Fla., said Carnival’s moves to recognize the value agents bring to the bottom line is a step in the right direction for the competitive landscape.

“It is obvious the company has reprioritized travel agent relationships and this trend should continue to keep the brand top of mind for travel agents,” she said.


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