Samsung technology helps set sail to a new generation of smart cruise ships


MSC Seaside
Samsung has partnered with major cruise line brand MSC Cruises to supply on-ship technology that aims to make the travelling experience ‘smart’.

The upgrade to the MSC Cruises fleet was announced in Milan today but the first two routes to receive the upgrade won’t be in use until June and December 2017.

The MSC Meraviglia and MSC Seaside, consisting of seven ships in total, will be newly built and have a host of Samsung devices and technology added as part of the experience.

According to the announcement, visual displays such as in-cabin flat screen HDTVs, public screens and digital signage will be used throughout. Samsung will also supply mobile solutions such as smartphones, tablets and accessories as well as the medical equipment and expert technology for on-board medical centres, as well as printing solutions.

Samsung Italia president Carlo Barlocco, said, “The partnership with MSC Cruises is an example of how our advanced solutions are able to enhance the passenger experience: not only monitors and tablets to access information and infotainment contents on board but also advanced medical equipment to support first aid in case of emergencies. This partnership, finally, allow Samsung and MSC to bring innovation to the whole cruise industry.”

It’s not the first cruise ship to launch as a ‘smart’ experience. A Royal Caribbean ship launched last year included robot bartenders that created drinks based off orders taken on tablets aboard the ship.

As part of the launch MSC Cruises has launched a new brand positioning and campaign, celebrating the launch of the seven new ships that its building. A TV campaign in Italy, France, Germany and Spain will run with the theme of MSC Cruises being ‘not just any cruise’.

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