Delfin Amazon Cruises employs armed guards after robbery

The Amazon Discovery was robbed on July 14.

Following an early morning robbery aboard the Amazon Discovery on July 14, Delfin Amazon Cruises has implemented improved security measures on all of its vessels.

Prior to the robbery, the Discovery had cruised with 24-hour unarmed guards and a spotlighting system for surveillance. All entrances to the ship have metal security doors, which are sealed at 6:30 p.m.

Now, Delfin has added plainclothes armed members of Peru’s National Police. They are on duty around the clock. Also, a laser alarm system is being installed on all ships. The alarm triggers when a mass of more than 150 pounds approaches. These new measures will be in place indefinitely.

The robbery took place at 3:30 a.m. on July 14 while the ship was on the Amazon River about two hours south of Iquitos, Peru. Seven assailants carrying small firearms boarded the ship from the stern after approaching in a motorboat. The bandits took approximately $22,000 in cash as well as valuables that have yet to be appraised. No guests were injured.

The search for the bandits is ongoing, and Delfin is working with local authorities to identify them.

“Last week’s robbery was an isolated incident. It was the first event of its kind in Delfin Amazon Cruises’ 10 years of cruising the Amazon River,” the company said. “We do not believe the region is any less safe for visitors.”


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