Will Carnival Meet 2020 Sustainability Goals?

Will Carnival Meet 2020 Sustainability Goals?

Carnival Corporation released its 2015 sustainability report Thursday, revealing the progress it made over the course of last year as it works toward reaching its 10 sustainability performance goals for the end of the decade.

Highlights from the report include a reduction in the company’s carbon intensity rate by 2.8 percent.

What’s more, Carnival equipped more than 40 percent of its fleet with exhaust gas cleaning technology designed to reduce the sulfur compounds and particulate matter that comes from engine exhaust.

Carnival also improved its carbon footprint by ordering the world’s first cruise ships powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) and the first powered by an LNG hybrid barge.

Finally, the corporation is on pace to meet the 10 percentage point increase in fleet-wide capacity of advanced wastewater purification systems.

Carnival, which added a 10th brand in Fathom last year, also finalized agreements for 15 new ships for delivery by 2020, four of which are next-generation ships that will utilize cleaner fuels.

“We know it is increasingly important to have sustainable and transparent operations, so we work hard every day to run our company in a sustainable way, and to share those practices broadly, so that our guests can feel confident that they are making a responsible decision when they book a vacation with us,” said Carnival’s chief maritime officer Bill Burke in a statement accompanying Thursday’s announcement.

Check out the infographic below for a more complete update on where Carnival stands in its journey to reaching its 2020 sustainability goals.

Infographic courtesy of Carnival Corporation.


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