Can Cruise Lines and Casinos Attract Millennials?

BlackJack Table on the Norwegian Escape

In Dominican Today, David Jessop has penned an op-ed about millennials and their views on casinos and cruises – two indudstries that are key to the Caribbean tourism economy, but that don’t hold much appeal for the younger generation.

Jessop notes in the piece that: “For the Caribbean, millennials are a crucial must-reach tourist segment if the industry is to have a sustainable economic future. As a consequence, many tourist boards and properties have been adapting their marketing to reflect more closely the life style and aspirations of this valuable group.”

But evidence shows that, regardless of marketing, the younger generation just isn’t interested.

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“According to the gambling and casino industry trade press, millennials do not gamble much, do not visit casinos, despite what the glossy industry adverts purport to show, and more generally are looking for a different kind of experience,” he writes.

Like casinos, cruise lines generally attract an older clientele. Many cruise operators are trying to attract millennials through marketing directed specifically toward them and with products that appeal to that generation.


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