P & O Cruises receives Adonia

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P&O Adonia

In April 2015, launched Carnival Corporation with large appearance topical social cruise brand Fathom . The unusual for the Carnival Group company offered from Miami / Fl . alternating, “effects-based” cruises in the Dominican Republic and later to Cuba to.

Those in charge of the group decided that for the cruises of Fathom Adonia use. The smallest ship of P & O Cruises , another Carnival offshoot offers, maximum 710 beds. Carnival’s marketing campaigns in the US have identified around a million people who want to be socially engaged during their holidays by working on economic and environmental projects. And these were the offers of the shipping company.

P & O Adonia

P & O Adonia © P & O Cruises

From April of 2015 to the Adonia took from Miami seven-day trips to Amber Cove . This is the main retreat port in the north of the Dominican Republic near Puerto Plata. For three days, the guests were invited to take part in various activities for the benefit of the local population. Fathom cooperated locally with two local social organizations, which received a share of the proceeds from the sale of cruises. In the current year it was announced that Cuba would be started as a further destination.

At the end of November 2016, Carnival’s sources indicated that the special socially responsible activities of the company would be terminated with effect from June 2017. An official Carnival statement was not available. – Now it is official: P & O informs that the Adonia back to the P & O fleet controls. There she is, the third P & O Adults-only ship called ” Discovery Itineraries company”. These “discoveries” bring guests to small, fancy destinations and places as well as unique cities and new cultures. The destinations to be discovered are located around the Mediterranean Sea, Iceland, the East Atlantic and the Caribbean.

The travels of Adonia in 2017 are now bookable. 

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