Norwegian Cruise Line upgrades loyalty program

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Norwegian Cruise Line has enhanced Latitudes Rewards, its loyalty program. It said there are improved benefits across all tiers.

Two new tiers have been added at the top end for the most frequent cruisers. Platinum Plus applies to guests who have earned 175 points and above, while Ambassador is an elite level for guests earning a minimum of 700 points.

They will get new benefits, including dinner with the ship’s officers for Platinum Plus and Ambassador, and a complimentary seven-day cruise for Ambassador.

New complimentary benefits include a bottle of sparkling wine for all Latitudes Rewards guests, shore excursion discounts for Silver members and above, and bottled water for Gold members and above.

The program awards one point for every cruise night, one additional point for each night spent in a suite or The Haven, and one additional point per night when booking Latitudes Rewards Insider Offer.

Lower tiers are Bronze (1-29 points), Silver (30-54 points), Gold (55-79 points) and Platinum (80-174 points).

The changes are effective Feb. 3.


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