6 Reasons to Consider a Clothing Optional Cruise

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They’ve got special cruises for singles, Weight Watchers members, and foodies. So, why not nudies?

Yes, clothing optional cruises are a thing, and for good reason. With enough people interested in nude cruises, it was inevitable that cruise lines would jump at the chance to get on board.

Bliss Away couple’s cruises offer the world’s only 5.5-star clothing optional cruises for couples “looking for fun, freedom, and exciting vacations.” Of course, other cruise operators have gotten on board, and some travel companies even host nude cruises on Carnival, Celebrity, Holland America ships.

The main thing you should know about these is that you don’t have to go nude, but you should expect plenty of other people to be. If you’re okay with that, then it should be fine.

Meet like-minded people:

The best part about clothing optional cruises is that they attract people who love being naked. If you fall into that category, you should plan on meeting others who feel just like you.

With so much in common already, you’re bound to make friends on a nude cruise. Plus, nude people tend to be carefree, easy-going, and laid-back.

Get comfortable in your own skin:

A lot of people say going nude helps them feel free. With no clothes weighing them down, they’re light as a feather and completely uninhibited.

If you’re someone who has had trouble feeling comfortable in your own skin, being around others who feel so free just being themselves might provide you with comfort. Plus, if you’ve ever wanted to experiment with a clothing-optional setting, what better way to get acquainted with one than to dive right in?

You can get away with packing light:

If you hate lugging around a heavy suitcase or planning your apparel for a long trip, you’re going to love a clothing-optional cruising. Pack about half what you normally would and skip checking a bag. Really, you just need lounge wear and clothes to wear on land and in the airport. As a bonus, you won’t return home to a huge pile of laundry, either.

You got a good shot at some action:

While some nude cruisers may just want to mingle with other naked folks, it’s inevitable that a certain percentage of the crowd is there for more than handshakes and hugs. In other words, you may have a better shot at hooking up than you would on, say, a Carnival cruise mostly packed with families.

There’s no guarantee of this type of thing, but it’s safe to say your chances for intimacy will improve in a crowd of people who aren’t interested in wearing clothing.

You’ll get a great, even tan:

Hate tan lines? Boy, have we got a treat for you. You’ll never worry about the placement of your straps or swim trunks on a clothing optional cruise.

If you’re wanting a clear, even tan that lasts, sunbathing nude is your best bet.

No kids:

If you want to have fun in an adults-only atmosphere, you can’t do much better than a clothing-optional cruise. Kids aren’t allowed for obvious reasons, so you’ll never have to endure a crying toddler or kids splashing in the pool.

The Bottom Line:

Clothing optional cruises may not be for everyone, but it’s easy to see why this option exists. Even if they never flaunt their love of nudism, plenty of eager travellers want nothing more than to enjoy a vacation without worrying over what to wear.

Should you join? The naked truth is, only you can decide.

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