A trio of Broadway Songstresses to Perform Aboard Norwegian Escape

After Midnight aboard Norwegian Escape
After Midnight aboard Norwegian Escape (photo courtesy Norwegian Cruise Line)

Oh Captain, Our Captain: How We Keep the Shows on Course

After Midnight on Norwegian Escape

In football, the Head Coach works with Offensive, Defensive and Special Teams Coordinators and several speciality coaches to run drills in practise. They create plays for their weekly games and plan all sorts of contingencies. Norwegian Cruise Line’s Production shows are led by their Creative Staff during rehearsals and have a few Captains of their own who take over the artistic integrity of the show once the shows are installed and the “Creatives” leave.

What types of captains do we have in our casts? In After Midnight, onboard the Norwegian Escape, we have a Vocal Captain and a Dance Captain. A Vocal Captain oversees vocal warmups before shows and has rehearsals for any songs in need of, pun intended, tune-ups. Dance Captains oversee the dancing and any physical movement, also known as “staging”.

Some casts, such as For the Record: The Brat Pack, have a Show Captain who assumes the Dance and Vocal Captain duties. Speciality show elements have their own Captains. Priscilla Queen of the Desert on the Norwegian Epic has a Fly Captain overseeing the show’s aerial work. Ships with only one production cast typically have one Dance Captain and one Vocal Captain who maintain the choreography and singing in all their production shows.

All show Captains are appointed by the Creative Staff during rehearsals at the Norwegian Creative Studios in Tampa, Florida. The Creatives consider principal, supporting and ensemble performers for these duties. In the first Priscilla Queen of the Desert cast, the actor performing the leading role of Felicia served as Dance Captain. In the current cast, the Dance Captain is a member of the ensemble.

Just like the coaches and players adapting to injuries or reevaluating an offensive scheme a few drives into a football game, the Stage Managers and Captains are responsible for maintaining the shows. We do so by giving notes after each performance and by having brush-up rehearsals. Captains run these rehearsals for songs, dances or transitions in need of work for safety or aesthetic purposes. Sometimes dancers focus on one or two sequences of a dance and they need a reminder of the story they’re telling throughout the entire musical number. The Captains help bring us back to the basics by reminding us of the Creatives’ original staging and artistic decisions. 

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Shows like After Midnight blend the lines of personal and set decisions. Many of the tap dances are improvisational or have solo moments. Within certain restrictions for safety and stylistic dance moves that fit the 1920’s jazz era we portray, dancers may change up their solos as often as they like.

Stage Managers and Captains also collaborate to implement any casting changes. This includes mid-contract joining or parting cast members, last minute illnesses or even mid-show injuries! By creating contingency plans and having understudy rehearsals throughout the week, we ensure the cast members whose normal performance routines change under abnormal conditions can do so feeling safe and confident in their performance.

No matter the circumstances, these true team leaders oversee the shows onboard. The Stage Managers and Captains work each day ensuring audiences see the best quality performances possible. Just like sports teams, it takes teamwork, hard work and the overall goals of the production to keep the shows alive and fresh every time a new audience enters the theatre .

New entertainment for Norwegian Escape  and Norwegian Getaway

For the Record: The Brat Pack

Norwegian Cruise Line has announced fresh entertainment line ups for its two newest ships, Norwegian Escape and Norwegian Getaway.

Due to the show’s overwhelming popularity on Norwegian Escape, For the Record: The Brat Pack – the critically acclaimed Hollywood night that celebrates classic soundtracks of motion picture masters – will be offered to an expanded audience as a complimentary show in the Escape Theatre beginning on 16 April.

As of 9 April, The Supper Club will feature an all-new dinner and live entertainment experience, with details to be revealed soon.

The Tony Award-winning Broadway hit After Midnight featuring Brenda Braxton will continue in the Escape Theater as regularly scheduled.

As For the Record: The Brat Pack moves to the Escape Theatre, the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical Million Dollar Quartet will leave Norwegian Escape from the 5 March and will re-open on board Norwegian Getaway on 15 May.

Million Dollar Quartet is the smash-hit musical inspired by the famed recording session that brought together rock ‘n’ roll icons Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins for the first and only time.

Legally Blonde on Norwegian Getaway will close on 30 April and Burn The Floor will continue as currently scheduled.

From 5 March until 16 April when For the Record: The Brat Pack begins, the Escape Theatre will feature Vocal Over Drive, a contemporary pop a cappella group, before it moves to the Getaway Theatre from 1 May until 15 May, when Million Dollar Quartet opens.