AIDAluna Premiers New Show ‘Augenblick’

AIDAluna Premiers New Show ‘Augenblick’

AIDA Cruises has announced the premiere of a new production show called Augenblick, or Moment in English, aboard the AIDAluna.

The show, which is a musical, has performers interacting with LED screens, resulting in special light and shadow effects, according to AIDA.

Describing Augenblick as a futuristic show, AIDA also pointed out other aspects such as artists performing on bungee ropes and in hanging cubes at “dizzying heights.”

The new show is part of a program AIDA calls Stars Shine Brighter at Sea, where currently seven ships are being equipped with a new show.


Arson Might Be The Cause Of The Fire On AIDA’s Newest Cruise Ship In the Shipyard

Arson is being investigated as the cause of a cruise ship fire at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.’s shipyard in Nagasaki early Sunday, the third such incident to strike in January.


According to local police and firefighters, a worker at the Koyagi plant of MHI’s Nagasaki Shipyard & Machinery Works, found cardboard and insulation material ablaze aboard the 124,500-ton AIDA Prima, which is one of two ships it is building German cruise line AIDA Cruises.


Firefighters said workers quickly put out the fire and no injuries were reported.


Sunday’s incident follows an electrical wiring fire near a theater space on Jan. 11, and a cabin fire involving a piece of cloth on Jan. 13.


The fires came after delivery of the ship, originally planned for March 2015, was repeatedly delayed amid design changes. The current delivery deadline is this April.

Smiles all ’round for AIDAprima

AIDAprima's lips will shine across a total area of 150sq mtr

AIDAprima’s lips will shine across a total area of 150sq mtr

Rostock artist Feliks Büttner, creator of the signature kissing lips, eyes and waves found on the bow of every AIDA Cruises ship, faced a special challenge designing the motif for AIDAprima, currently under construction at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries shipyard in Nagasaki, Japan.

The designer had to adapt the graphic design for the first AIDA ship to be built outside Germany, as the bow of the MHI-constructed vessel is different from the others in the fleet.

The position lights and anchor hatch in the bow section also had to be taken into account in the application of the motif in order to create its familiar three-dimensional effect. A total 342 litres of paint in 11 colours was used.

In 1996, AIDA Cruises became the first cruise line to introduce a painting on its ships’ bows.

For two decades, AIDA ships have been wearing the smile across the oceans.

When completed, AIDAprima’s kissing lips will shine across a total area of 150sq mtr. Each eye on the starboard and port side covers an area of 212sq mgr, and the blue waves on both sides of the hull fill an area of 330sq mtr. The entire painting extends over a length of 261mtr, surpassing all previous such paintings in the AIDA fleet.

The 124,500gt AIDAprima is scheduled to start its maiden cruise on October 1 from Yokohama, Japan. The 50-day journey ends on November 20 in Dubai. Following a winter season in the Middle East, the ship will depart from Dubai on March 18, 2016, headed for home port of Hamburg commencing a year-round programme of weekly cruises to Southhampton, Le Havre, Zeebrugge and Rotterdam end April.