Teppanyaki restaurant to open on Carnival Horizon

Carnivals Teppanyaki

The new Carnival Horizon coming in April 2018 will feature the first Japanese teppanyaki-style restaurant in Carnival Cruise Line’s fleet.

Located within the Bonsai Sushi restaurant, the Bonsai Teppanyaki will have two cooking stations with seating for eight at each. The restaurant will be open for both lunch and dinner.

Teppanyaki chefs will make tableside grilled meals with a theatrical flourish of knives and other utensils, often tossing food in the air for effect.

Lobster, steak, salmon, cod, shrimp and tofu are among the entrees served with Japanese spices and sauces.

Entrees are priced a la carte from $18 for chicken, salmon or tofu to $30 for lobster tail. The price includes appetizer and dessert.