Top 5 Royal Caribbean unlimited alcohol package drink values

On my last cruise on Navigator of the Seas I noticed Royal Caribbean offers a lot of alcoholic drinks to choose from and the prices of each vary considerably.  It got me thinking, “Is there a strategy to maximizing the unlimited alcohol packages faster?

Obviously no one wants to spend money on something they know in advance is a waste of money and there is a physical limit to the amount of drinks anyone can drink.  So I took a look at the most recent Royal Caribbean drink menu to figure out which drinks would give passengers the best value if they are using the unlimited alcohol packages.

What are Royal Caribbean’s unlimited alcohol packages?

Royal Caribbean’s unlimited alcohol packages are optional add-ons you can purchase to allow you as many beverages as you like for a flat fee per day.

If you do decide to indulge in one of the packages, consider these five drinks as the best ways to get your moneys worth from the investment!

Any margarita from Sabor Modern Mexican – $12

The brand new Sabor Modern Mexican restaurant on Navigator of the Seas specializes in Mexico’s most famous liquor, tequila.  Their selection of margairtas is both tasty and a great value for those on the unlimited alcohol packages.

Click here for my review of Sabor Modern Mexican restaurant.

Their margaritas all cost $12, which is by far the most expensive drink we ran across included in the unlimited alcohol packages.

Besides being a good value for those on the package, it’s also a really, really good drink!  The Sweet and Spice Margarita and Sabor Grand Margarita are made at your table for ultimate taste.  The other margaritas offered are also the same price and worth your time as well.

Elderphire – $10.25

If you’re a fan of gin, try this drink that was a Bacardi Cruise Competition winner. Bombay Sapphire gin, elderflower, sugarcane and fresh lemon make this a great drink and a great value on the drink package.

Photo by Bacardi Cruise Competition

Ultimate cosmopolitan – $9.50

For something a little smoother, the ultimate cosmopolitan is a great choice and also available fleet-wide.  It’s sweet and does the trick for someone who enjoys a good cosmo in the evening.

Photo by Calvin Timothy Leong

Sparkling Peach Martini – $10.50

Vodka and wine, together again.  That’s what makes up this drink and when you start combining multiple kinds of alcohol, you drive the price up.  At just over $10, a couple of these will help get you to the “break even” point on your daily alcohol package quest that much easier.

Patron Perfect Margarita – $9.25

While we love the margaritas from Sabor, if you’re not on Navigator of the Seas, try the Patron Perfect Margarita that is available on all Royal Caribbean ships.  As the name implies, it uses a better brand of tequila to give you a strong drink.

Photo by Quick_Fox

Honorable mentions

These drinks didn’t make our list of the best values but they are still good choices for maximizing your unlimited alcohol package value

  • Red Bull & Vodka – $9.00
  • Long Island Iced Tea/Long Beach Iced Tea – $9.50
  • Hendrick’s Gimlet – $9.50
  • Luxury martini – $9.50
  • Appletini – $9.50
  • The Grand Margarita – $9.25
  • Grolsch beer – $6.50

Carnival Cruise Lines testing new dining room experience

Updated: Carnival Cruise Lines testing new dining room experience

By Tom Stieghorst

Carnival Cruise Lines said it will test two new dining concepts on the Carnival Glory starting Dec. 8, in what could be a fleet-wide revamp of its main dining room.
The new dining products, called American Table and American Feast, were developed with input from Union Square Hospitality Group of New York.

American Table will be offered on “cruise casual” nights. It includes a new style of service, new menu and table decor, and is designed to evoke a modern restaurant experience with an emphasis on exceptional American cuisine, Carnival said.

There will be a cocktail menu, an entree with ties to the port being visited during the meal, a “from the grill” entrée and a special dessert menu.

On Carnival’s more formal “cruise elegant” nights, it will offer American Feast, which has been designed to create the feel of an elegant, elaborate special occasion “celebrated by all guests in the restaurant with courses served table-side in elaborate style,” Carnival said.

The pilot program will be extended to Carnival Liberty beginning in January, and Carnival Imagination and Carnival Inspiration starting in February, with the intention to roll it out fleet-wide in the second half of 2014.

Union Square Hospitality Group is an outgrowth of Union Square Cafe, founded in 1985 by Danny Meyer, who is now CEO. In addition to the original restaurant, it now runs Gramercy Tavern, Blue Smoke, Jazz Standard and Shake Shake, as well as a catering and consulting practice.

Carnival senior vice president for operations Mark Tamis said Union Square’s role was primarily one of inspiring the Carnival team to create the new concepts.