Costa Mediterranea Sails to Get Crew Home; Sets Course for China

Costa Mediterranea  (Photo: JD Schwartz /

Costa Crociere is preparing to use the Costa Mediterranea to get crew from the Philippines and Indonesia home, according to a document circulated on board the vessel.

According to Costa’s plan, the 2003-built ship will first sail to La Spezia on April 10.

European crew will be disembarked, as will crew not required for operational reasons that can also get home.

All other crew members, with the exception of the Filipino and Indonesian crew aboard, will be then moved to the Costa Pacifica.

“For these crew members we are restlessly working with Governments and air companies in order to guarantee a safe journey back to home,” the company’s letter said.

Meanwhile, Filipino and Indonesian crew aboard the Pacifica, except for those needed for minimum safety manning, will be transferred to the Costa Mediterranea.

The Mediterranea will then sail to Brindisi and meet the Costa Fortuna, taking on the Filipino and Indonesian crew from the latter ship.

Finally, the Mediterranea will set her course for Shanghai with projected port stops in Indonesia and the Philippines to disembark crew.

Costa said it is working closely with local government and manning agents to get crew home safely.

It is unknown what the company’s plans are for the ship in China, but the Mediterranea, along with the Atlantica, has recently been transferred to Carnival Corporation’s joint venture with China State Shipbuilding.

The Mediterranea has previously been scheduled to leave the fleet in 2021.

Five Ships to Leave Costa Fleet by May 2021

Costa Mediterranea  (Photo: JD Schwartz)

Working to reduce capacity growth in Southern Europe, five ships will leave the Costa Cruises fleet by May 2021, according to Arnold Donald, CEO of Carnival Corporation, speaking on the company’s third-quarter earnings call on Thursday, Sept. 26.

Donald said that two Europe-based ships will leave the Costa fleet in 2020, and he added that two ships will leave the Costa fleet in Asia in 2020.

In addition, he confirmed the Costa Mediterranea will leave the fleet in May 2021. 

The ships will be replaced with more efficient capacity in the new Costa Smeralda, Donald underscored. 

Carnival’s CEO did not mention what other ships would leave the fleet, but based on other Carnival Corp. vessel transfers, these would most likely be the line’s older and less efficient vessels. 

“Some are being sent to China; some are being sent to other markets where we have strength,” Donald said, noting some would also leave the fleet. “When we sell them, we don’t sell them into competing markets.”

The Atlantica and Mediterranea are expected to transfer to Carnival’s joint venture in China with China State Shipbuilding Corporation, but the timeline is behind previously announced goals. 

Recent Carnival Corporation secondhand vessel transactions include not only Costa vessels, but the P&O Oriana, which was sold to Chinese owners and just transferred to the new Astro Ocean brand.

In addition, the Pacific Jewel was sold to Jalesh Cruises, the Pacific Eden moved to Cruise & Maritime Voyages, and the Prinsendam is now the Amera for Phoenix Reisen.

Costa Atlantica and Mediterranea Sold to New Chinese Brand

CSSC Carnival Cruise Shipping has announced an agreement to purchase two existing ships from Carnival Corporation’s Costa Group.

The first of these ships, the 85,861-ton, 2,210-passenger Costa Atlantica, is scheduled to be transferred to the new Chinese cruise line by the end of 2019. The new line is part of a joint venture between China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) and Carnival Corporation.

Costa Atlantica’s sister ship, the 2,114-passenger Costa Mediterranea, will be transferred at a date still to be announced but is expected to be at the end of 2020, according to CSSC.

The new China-based cruise company plans to operate its own fleet to serve Chinese cruise guests by the end of 2019, according to a press release.