Newcastle Terminal Design Unveiled

Newcastle Terminal Design Unveiled

Newcastle Cruise Terminal Rendering

The NSW Government and Port of Newcastle have revealed the design of the new Newcastle Cruise Terminal which will transform the cruise passenger experience in Newcastle, according to a prepared statement.

The purpose-built facility will cover approximately 3,000 square meters and will include facilities for passenger drop-off and pick up, coach parking and vessel provisioning.

Port of Newcastle’s CEO, Geoff Crowe, said the Newcastle Cruise Terminal would provide a professional transit experience for passengers arriving in Newcastle and a positive first impression of the city.


“We are excited to share the concept design for the Newcastle Cruise Terminal which reflects Newcastle’s position as a world-class cruise ship destination. The traveller experience is central to GHD Woodhead’s design, with harbour views, ease of movement, natural daylight and a generous sense of spacing greeting passengers.

“The new cruise terminal, to be built at the Channel Berth, will enable the Port to receive more and larger cruise ships in the future. Importantly, it will position Newcastle as a home port where ships can start and finish their destination in Newcastle. Eventually, cruise visits could also be aligned with major events, such as the V8 Supercars, adding another dimension to the visitor and tourism experience,” said Crowe.

“According to the Australian Cruise Association’s estimates, cruise shipping in Newcastle currently injects around $11 million per annum to the local economy. Homeporting has the potential to deliver even more economic value to the region via more cruise ships and more visitors and the opportunity for local businesses to provide goods and services for the provisioning of vessels.”

The $12.7 million Newcastle Cruise Terminal is funded by the NSW Government’s Restart NSW Hunter Infrastructure Investment Fund.

The design was unveiled by the Parliamentary Secretary for Planning, the Central Coast and the Hunter, Scot MacDonald, who said the Newcastle Cruise Terminal would be a major boost for the Hunter’s tourism sector.

“The Newcastle Cruise Terminal is a big win for the region and a key part of Newcastle’s revitalisation. It cements the city as an international cruise destination and will deliver flow of benefit to the region’s already thriving tourism industry. Additionally, it complements the increased capacity of Newcastle Airport,” said MacDonald.

“The NSW Government has contributed $13.1 million towards the $13.5 million Newcastle cruise upgrades*. The Hunter Research Foundation has estimated the projects will contribute around $26.7 million to the local economy and an additional 76 jobs through construction and flow-on effects.”

Crowe said he was thrilled to share the design with the community after many months of detailed planning.

“Throughout the design process, Port of Newcastle has worked with the cruise industry, tourism representatives and Australian border agencies to factor in their requirements.

“Unveiling the design is a significant step and it is only going to get more exciting from here. Construction will commence in early 2018 and Novocastrians will have a cruise terminal to call their own by the end of next year,” said Crowe.

“We look forward to welcoming the Explorer of the Seas on her maiden visit to Newcastle in February 2019 – the largest cruise ship to visit our port carrying 3,900 passengers.”

Barcelona to Cruisers: We Love You. Now Please Get Back on Board


Last weekend, a record-breaking 60,000 cruise ship passengers disembarked into the popular Spanish city. But despite generating investment and jobs, these staggering numbers are at odds with Barcelona mayor Ada Colau’s vow to cap the amount of tourists who inundate the city each year.

Last weekend, a staggering 60,000 tourists entered Barcelona by sea, shattering the city’s previous record. This is a number that the president of Barcelona Port, Sixte Cambra, wants to see increase. It was reported that last year cruise ship passengers alone spent about $900 million, creating an estimated 7,000 permanent jobs in the city. “The report shows that the cruise sector generates investment and jobs and is an activity that creates growth and stability,” says Cambra. This is why, despite the opposition from the mayor, Barcelona Port hopes to expand in order to accommodate even more of these ships.

However, not everyone is as excited about these numbers as Cambra is, specifically newly-elected mayor Ada Colau, who got attention during her campaign by proposing to impose a tourism cap on the city. Colau and many others feel that the city’s beaches, streets, and popular neighborhoods like the Gothic Quarter are at risk of being oversaturated by tourists, many of whom disgorge from the massive cruise ships that make Barcelona a popular port of call. “If we don’t want to end up like Venice, we will have to put some kind of limit in Barcelona,” she says. However, those benefiting from the surge in tourism (the city’s tourism numbers doubled in the last decade) do not share in Colau’s concerns and would like to see these numbers grow even more. One advantage of welcoming cruise passengers is that most are embarking in the city for a day before returning to their ships at night, meaning that the city’s already-packed hotels won’t have to take on any additional guests.

At a time when Europe’s economy is still struggling to get going, it’s hard to turn away easy money and jobs, but at what point does the impact on the local way of life become too much? This is a question that both sides of the argument in Europe’s third most-visited city will have to address as they try to find a manageable balance.

Horrific injuries of female guest raped, beaten and almost thrown overboard by attendant on Holland America cruise

MS Nieuw Amsterdam
  • A civil lawsuit was filed on Friday in a Seattle district court on behalf of Jane Doe, seeking $50m compensation and $365m in punitive damages
  • Room service attendant Ketut Pujayasa used his company-issued master key to enter the cabin of Jane Doe
  • He beat her about the head with a laptop and repeatedly strangled her unconscious before raping her
  • The victim’s screams were reported by fellow passengers but staff took 45 minutes to respond – and then could not access her room
  • She was airlifted to hospital following attack on February 14, 2014. The victim was left with a traumatic brain injury and PTSD
  • Pujayasa confessed and was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison  

A female guest who was raped, brutally beaten and strangled unconscious on a Holland America ship by a crew member is suing the cruise company.

A civil lawsuit was filed on Friday in a Seattle district court on behalf of Jane Doe who was almost thrown overboard by her rapist during the fight for her life on Valentine’s Day last year on MS Nieuw Amsterdam.

Room service attendant Ketut Pujayasa used his company-issued, master key to enter the cabin of Jane Doe, then 31, where he was able to lurk on her balcony for several hours until she returned.


The female passenger on a Holland America cruise ship suffered horrific injuries after she was raped, beaten and strangled in a brutal attack by a cabin crew member last February 14

The woman survived after fighting for her life against Ketut Pujayasa who tried to throw her overboard last year. The victim filed a civil lawsuit against Holland American last week

Ketut Pujayasa pleaded guilty in a Miami courtroom last September to rape and attempted murder. He was convicted and is serving 30 years

Holland America was ‘grossly negligent’, Jane Doe’s attorney John H. (Jack) Hickey told Daily Mail Online on Wednesday, in allowing Pujayasa access to a master key which was ‘applicable to all cabins’.

Mr Hickey, a maritime law specialist with more than 30 years experience, added: ‘To top it off, the cruise line’s system is that when the other passengers dial 911 they get the front desk, not security, and the front desk responds to the scene some 45 minutes to an hour later and does not even have access to the cabin?

Ketut Pujayasa pleaded guilty in a Miami courtroom last September to rape and attempted murder. He was convicted and is serving 30 years

Ketut Pujayasa pleaded guilty in a Miami courtroom last September to rape and attempted murder. He was convicted and is serving 30 years

‘If this is not the definition of outrageous, I don’t know what is.’

On February 14, 2014, the married woman, who was on the cruise with a group of friends but had a room to herself, returned around midnight and got ready for bed.

As she climbed into the bed and turned off the lights, in the shadows, she became aware of a figure lurking on the stateroom balcony.

Pujayasa, a 29-year-old employee originally from Indonesia, pounced on the woman.

During the sustained attack, which lasted close to an hour, Pujayasa punched her, smashed heavy blunt objects into her head including a laptop, and threw her across the room.

The rapist attempted to strangle his victim with his hands and then used a telephone cord and a curling iron cord.

The victim lost consciousness during the attack where she was raped and sexually assaulted.

Pujayasa pulled the woman to her room’s balcony and tried to throw her overboard into the dark waters.

She screamed repeatedly but no one responded.

The victim was able to hold on to the door handle to prevent being dragged on to the balcony.

Mr Hickey said it was only by having a certain degree of physical strength as part of her career as an aerialist, that his client was able to hold on.

The victim eventually escaped herself. She managed to wrestle free of Pujayasa, opened the door to her cabin on her own, and ran into the hall where other passengers had congregated.