Carnival Vista ship to be energy efficient

Carnival Vista ship to be energy efficient

While we have no news on the progress on the Carnival Vista ship, we can tell you that she will be an energy efficient cruise ship thanks to her Multi-Effect Plate (MEP) evaporators. This freshwater generating plant uses far less energy than other systems, which is so important not only for our seas, but also to help keep costs down for cruise ship companies.

Many of these companies have been involved with an internal race to outfit their vessels with these MEP high efficiency evaporators. It comes as no surprise to us that Carnival Cruises has ordered these for the Vista seeing as though Norwegian Cruise Line has ordered them for the duo of Breakaway Plus ships, as well as Royal Caribbean fitting them to the three Quantum class ships.

That is not all, there is a third Oasis class vessel coming, and that two will make use of MEP technology.

There is not much else we can tell you about this upcoming ship, and while we know many of you will wish to know the Carnival Vista deck plans, venues, home port and other such question, you will just have to sit tight. However, with a delivery date of winter 2016, we don’t expect to learn any new details on Carnival Vista until early next year.

New Carnival cruise ship after Vista

New Carnival cruise ship after Vista

It’s been almost a year since news of the Carnival Vista first broke and it was clear to see that there was a lot of excitement for those within Carnival, and also the many faithful customers who keep coming back to the cruise ship company.

Carnival Cruise Line had a very rough few years and mixed with the fact that there was a lack of new ships from the company, and you have a recipe for something that will not go down well with potential customers.

Thankfully, the company has made many new safety changes and also brings news that there is to be another new Carnival cruise ship after Vista, or maybe even two. Both of these are planned to be delivered in 2017, and so we should hear from Carnival very soon if this is in fact true.

Not much is known about Vista at this time, such as its size or tonnage, and we don’t expect to find that out until later this year or early next year, seeing as though Carnival Vista will not enter service until December 2016. However, we can tell you that the first steel was cut four months ago.

It is not yet known where these new Carnival cruise ships will be based, but one has to wonder if they will start to venture outside of North America because of the growing market, although they already do that in a way seeing as though they own Cunard and P&O.

Construction of Carnival Vista takes first step

Construction of Carnival Vista began last week when the first steel was cut, which means that over the next few months new details in regard to the Carnival Vista should start to become available. This ship will not set sail until 2016, but at least in that time we will have a greater understanding of what is being called the Fun Ship.

Now that the first piece of steel has been cut the next step will be to start building out the rest of this 135,000-ton, 4,000-passenger ship, which will include the many restaurants, bars and various entertainment facilities.

The Carnival Vista will be the 25th ship in the fleet, so no doubt the cruise line will have a few special treats in store. Again, we do not know much about the new ship because Carnival is keeping design details to themselves for now.

If you had the choice what sort of features would you like to see brought to the Carnival Vista, bearing in mind that the ship will be centred around having fun?

Viking Cruises increases new vessel order to 14

Viking Cruises increases new vessel order to 14

By Hollie-Rae Merrick

Viking Cruises increases new vessel order to 14Viking Cruises has increased its order for new Viking Longships as the river cruise line works to “match supply with demand”.

Initially the river cruise line had ordered 12 new vessels, and has now added a further two. All will come into service in 2014.

By the end of next year, Viking will have launched 30 ships in a three-year period.

Torstein Hagen, chairman of Viking Cruises, said: “We are working hard to match supply with demand, and with these new builds, we have the best designed, newest and most extensive offer of ships on the rivers – more than double all our competitors combined.

“More than ever, travellers want experiences that bring them closer to the destination, which is why we continue to design ships and itineraries with destinations and enrichment as the focus.”

All-weather Aquavit Terraces with panoramic outdoor river scenery have been added to the vessels as a new feature.

The Longships accomodate 190 passengers in 95 staterooms. They also have sustainability upgrades such as onboard solar panels and organic herb gardens, as well as energy-efficient hybrid engines to reduce vibrations.