Genting Cruise Lines Announces Comprehensive Onboard Health Protocols

World Dream
Genting Dream Cruise.

Genting Cruise Lines has announced a new comprehensive onboard health plan for its Star Cruises and Dream Cruises brands.

“At Genting Cruise Lines, the safety and health of our guests and crew are of paramount importance to us,” said Kent Zhu, President of Genting Cruise Lines. “As a responsible cruise company, it is our duty to adopt a pro-active approach to meet and also strive to exceed the growing expectations and concerns of the public. As such, we have carefully reviewed our prevention and response plan with the COVID-19 pandemic in mind to devise and provide enhanced and comprehensive measures across our fleet.

“We have taken the positive opportunity during this hiatus period to also implement comprehensive crew training to reinforce effective cleaning procedures, health and hygiene protocols and efficient guest interaction, which we will adopt as the new safety norm for our fleet and we hope for the industry too.

“The public will be pleased to know for instance, that all of Genting Cruise Lines’ ships allow for 100 per cent external fresh air to be filtered and supplied to each passenger cabin as well as onboard public areas ensuring a constant and healthy flow of fresh air throughout the vessels. Besides that, isolated wards are available in the Medical Centre and cabins can be converted into quarantine rooms if required.”

Genting Cruise Lines will also further collaborate with the China Cruise & Yacht Industry Association (CCYIA) to contribute to the publishing of a white paper for the cruise industry’s prevention and response plan against COVID-19, providing a comprehensive and unified standard for the cruise industry to ensure the safety and well-being of all cruising guests and crew, the company said.

A further vote of confidence was also provided by the Asia Cruise Terminal Association (ACTA). In endorsing the measures, Chairman of  the ACTA, Singapore Cruise Centre said: “ACTA and all its members endorse Genting Cruise Lines’ initiative and pledge to support these procedures throughout its member ports located across the region including in China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

Preventative Measures:

I. Embarkation and Disembarkation

  • Mandatory temperature screening and pre-boarding health declarations for all guests.
  • Infrared fever screening system at the ship gangway.
  • The higher frequency with increased levels of sanitization and disinfection at the ship gangway and passenger walkways.
  • Stringent checks for all embarking individuals including crew travel documents; guests aged 70 years and above to provide a doctor’s certificate of fitness for travel.
  • Online check-in for guests to receive designated arrival time at the cruise terminal to minimize crowd congestion.
  • Additional waiting areas for cruise boarding & disembarkation (with staggered times).
  • Compliance with all local port and health authorities’ regulations.

II. Guest accommodations

  • The higher frequency with increased levels of sanitization and disinfection in guest cabins with hospital-grade disinfectants, including:
    • Twice daily wipe-down of guest cabins.
    • Fogging of vacant guest cabins.
    • Twice daily wipe-down and fogging of guest cabin alleys.
  • Clean and disinfect guest bathrooms with heavy-duty alkaline bathroom cleaner and disinfectant.
  • Timely removal of food items from cabins to prevent spoilage and cultivation of microorganisms and bacteria.
  • Timely housekeeping cabin turnover; bed sheets and linens professionally cleaned and disinfected at high temperatures
  • Injection of diluted cleaning solution into drains to avoid clogged pipes and to prevent bacterial growth.
  • In case of sickness, thorough cleaning and disinfection with hospital grade disinfectant or steam sterilization.

III. Common Public Areas

  • All public areas onboard will undergo a two-tier sanitization process with a thorough cleansing, fogging and wiping using a hospital-grade disinfectant. Onboard venues and cleaning. .Frequency:
    • Elevators: Every 2 hours
    • Public areas and facilities: 2 – 10 times daily
    • Spa and amenities: Min 2 times daily
    • Other Public Areas: To adjust disinfection frequency accordingly
  • Common public areas sanitized from 1-4 times daily and frequent touchpoints (handrails, lift buttons, table-tops, door handles etc.) sterilized every hour or less.
  • Frequent usage of heavy-duty neutral PH floor-cleaning agent to disinfect all floor areas of the ship.
  • Sanitizer dispensers are available at various public areas and crew members stationed at key onboard venues to provide hand sanitation.

IV. Food Hygiene Practices & Standards

  • F&B restaurants/bar areas, including galleys, will be cleaned and sanitized 3 times daily, during and after service.
  • Guests are encouraged to wash hands before entry and use sanitizer dispensers available at F&B outlet entrances/exits.
  • Guest seating will ensure ample spacing; disposable cutlery will be provided, upon request.
  • Self-service at F&B buffet restaurants will be suspended. All food & beverages will be served to guests by crew members wearing face masks & disposable gloves.
  • Culinary use of wild animals and related products are strictly prohibited.
  • Stringent procurement guidelines will be enforced and product sourcing from highly affected regions will be strictly prohibited.

V. Entertainment and Recreational Activities

  • Theatres will be sanitized before and after each show; 3D glasses disinfected before and after guest usage (if applicable).
  • Cleaning and disinfection of all toys, games and Kids’ Club facilities twice daily and/or after every use.
  • All duty-free shops and entertainment venues will be disinfected twice daily before and after service.
  • All recreational equipment will be disinfected every 2 hours before guest usage.
  • Guests capacity will be limited to half the venue capacity to provide ample space between guests.
  • Sanitizer dispensers will be readily available at various venues including entertainment venue entrances/exits.
  • Tour coaches will be limited to half capacity & sanitized frequently; training for tour operators based on guidance from the WHO.
  • Spa & Gym facilities will be sanitized prior to and after usage by guests.

VI. Fresh Air Ventilation Systems

  • 100% external fresh air is filtered and supplied to cabins and onboard public areas.
  • Air filters and cooling coils thoroughly checked, cleaned and replaced to ensure healthy air quality.

VII. Medical Centre

  • Isolated wards available in the Medical Centre
  • Contaminated items and medical waste will be properly sealed and disposed of according to health and safety guidelines.
  • Used face masks and protective equipment disposed at designated central collection points.
  • Medical equipment and waste bins cleaned, disinfected and washed twice daily with hospital-grade disinfectant.

VIII. Crew Members Practices & Standards

  • Twice daily temperature checks.
  • All Frontline crew are required to wear face masks.
  • Housekeeping and F&B crew required to wear disposable gloves.
  • The designated crew may also wear protective garments and eye protection if required.
  • All crew to use anti-bacterial hand soap for at least 20 sec to sanitize hands.
  • Medical Centre Isolation Area staff related to suspected cases are required to:
    • wear adequate personal protection (face mask, eye protection, disposable gloves & disposal outer garment.
    • follow proper handwashing practices before and after work duty.
    • update personal health information daily.
  • Provide Training Workshops and pertinent information on health and safety preventive measures.
  • Reduction of crew movement.


Explorer Dream to Resume Cruising in Taiwan

Explorer Dream Cruise 探索夢號 — Ying Wah Travel
Explorer Dream’s stunning painted Hull.

Genting Cruise Lines has announced the restart of cruise operations for Dream Cruises with Explorer Dream operating two and three-night “Taiwan Island-Hopping” itineraries that will start on July 26, departing from Keelung and calling at Penghu, Matzu and Kinmen islands.

“After months of detailed planning with the authorities to ensure the safety and health of guests and crew, we appreciate the approval of Explorer Dream resuming cruise operations in Taiwan. Dream Cruises will be the first cruise line in the world to begin sailing after the global cruise industry was shut down due to the pandemic,” said Tan Sri KT Lim, Chairman and CEO of Genting Hong Kong.

“Our new standard operating procedures to ensure passenger safety draws on our first-hand experience from the charter of two of our ships in Singapore to house foreign workers and cooperating with DNV GL, the world’s largest classification society, for Explorer Dream to receive the world’s first “Certification in Infection Prevention for the Marine industry (CIP-M).”

Genting has 25 years of history with the island as both a destination and as a homeport and because of Taiwan’s popularity among travellers.

Taiwan’s low numbers of COVID-19 cases compared to global figures has also been lauded by experts as one of the most effective response scenarios in the world, Genting said, in a press release.

New Cruise Line Dream Cruises Opens For Sale in Australia and NZ
Genting Dream

Dream Cruises will offer special island-hopping cruises calling into the popular ports and islands of Peng Hu, Matsu Island and Kinmen where Taiwanese guests will again be able to enjoy short getaways.

“We thank Taiwan for its initiatives to re-start their economy and the tourism industry and the trust they have placed in Dream Cruises. As well, we appreciate the support of the travel industry in the restart of our cruise operations. This is truly a remarkable achievement which was made possible by the Taiwan authorities’ swift and effective handling of the COVID-19 crisis and their foresight in resuming the tourism industry to benefit all the ports, the economy and the lifestyle of the people of Taiwan,” said Kent Zhu, President of Genting Cruise Line.

Genting Cruise Lines has also introduced the “Certification in Infection Prevention (CIP) for the Marine industry (CIP-M).

The Explorer Dream will be the first cruise ship in the world to receive the CIP-M certification, which will further verify the procedures and systems in place for the proper prevention, control, and mitigation of infection.

In accordance with Taiwan’s regulations prior to resuming sailing, the Explorer Dream has undergone a thorough deep cleaning and observation of strict quarantine procedures for her crew. The majority of the crew will be from other Genting Cruise Lines ships who have been quarantined for the last three months and all will undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine on land after the ship arrives in Keelung on June 30.

Upon negative test results, an additional seven-day isolation period onboard the Explorer Dream will provide a total of 21 days of exhaustive preventive procedures before operations begin on July 26.

To safeguard the well-being of guests, stringent health screening processes and guidelines prior to embarkation, disembarkation and social distancing measures onboard, as well as thorough sanitization and disinfection and enhanced hygiene practices for guest cabins and crew member quarters, public areas and recreational facilities, along with safe food and beverage handling procedures will be in place.

Sale and Leaseback Deal for Genting Dream

Genting Dream in Hong Kong

Genting Hong Kong has announced that it has entered into a sale and leaseback agreement for the 2016-built Genting Dream.

The company has sold the ship for $900 million or 80 per cent of the closing market value (whatever is lower), in a deal involving three Chinese banks. The ship was recently appraised at $1,180,000,000 according to a filing from Genting.

The agreement also includes a bareboat charter agreement to lease the ship back to Genting for 12 years.

Genting said in a filing that the agreement would provide working capital at reasonable terms that will help it finance its cruise expansion and newbuild program at MV Werften. 

The company will purchase the ship back once the 12-year charter period has ended.

Of note, Genting said the net profit attributable to the Genting Dream in 2017 was $23,010,000 and in 2018, $19,367,000

Earlier this year, Genting also sold a 35 per cent stake in Dream Cruises.