Carnival reshuffle ‘will help differentiate P&O and Cunard’

The reshuffle of Carnival UK’s leadership team will help to create “better brand focus and differentiation” between sister brands P&O Cruises and Cunard.

Speaking at the Clia Cruise Forum in Tilbury, David Dingle, chairman of Carnival UK, said the changes would be particularly beneficial to Cunard in helping to drive international growth for the brand.

In August the line revealed Gerard Tempest, formerly chief commercial officer for Carnival UK, was to leave the company. In his place positions were created at the helm of P&O, with Paul Ludlow put in change, and Cunard, a position which is still being recruited for.

Dingle said all businesses should constantly be under review to ensure their efficiency and development.

He said: “In the UK we went through a period where we tried to create as much organisational synergy for our brands as possible because through that you have greater efficiency, particularly cost efficiency.

“You have to be careful to differentiate still. Going round full circle again (reviewing the business and changing the leadership team) we believe it’s time to drive the brands harder, particularly for Cunard.

“We want to grow the international sourcing of the brand so we have to have much greater brand focus so that’s why we want to have some really brand specific leadership.

“We continue to develop the P&O brand and we’ve revitalized it over the past months and now we want to move forward and capitalise on that and dare I say think about what the next P&O cruises new ship might look for, should we decide to order it.”

Carnival UK reveals major restructure

Princess Cruises’ UK boss Paul Ludlow is to switch brands and take the helm at P&O Cruises.

The announcement comes as part of a major restructure of the commercial teams for P&O Cruises and Cunard less than a week after the shock announcement that Carnival UK’s chief commercial officer Gerard Tempest was to exit the business after two years.

Ludlow’s new role as senior vice-president of sales and marketing for P&O Cruises will also see him take responsibility for sales support, guest insight and the digital teams of both P&O Cruises and Cunard.

Cunard is now recruiting for the role of senior vice-president of sales and marketing.

As part of the restructure, sales and distribution director Chris Truscott will be leaving the business.

Head of partner sales, Jeremy McKenna, will lead the agency sales team for both brands, reporting directly to Ludlow in the interim period until the new Cunard role is appointed.

P&O Cruises marketing director, Christopher Edgington, will report into Paul Ludlow and Cunard’s Angus Struthers will report into the equivalent for Cunard when appointed.

Carnival UK chief executive, David Noyes, said that bringing sales and marketing together in one role would help Cunard and P&O Cruises create more momentum for the brands.

“I am delighted to appoint Paul to this critical role. Paul’s 15 years of experience within our company makes him an ideal fit to lead the sales and marketing teams for P&O Cruises to ensure sustained growth of the brand.

“Chris Truscott leaves this business in a significantly better position than the one he joined. He should be proud of what he has achieved and the relationships he has built.”

Ludlow said: “Following the launch of Britannia in March, which positioned P&O Cruises at the forefront of the nation’s mind, there has never been a more exciting time for the company.

“The potential for the industry as a whole is vast and I am determined, through giving a seamless, exemplary guest experience, working closely with our travel agent partners, to develop this growth to the maximum for P&O Cruises.”

During his time at Princess Cruises, Ludlow oversaw the creation of an individual sales team and commercial operation for the brand. He led the team which launched Royal Princess, named by the Duchess of Cambridge, and also oversaw the launch of new travel agent tools such as the recently-launched booking portal OneSource.

Princess Cruises is now recruiting for Ludlow’s replacement.

Carnival UK questions how lines sell port excursions

Carnival UK questions how lines sell port excursions

Carnival UK questions how lines sell port excursions

Carnival UK’s Gerard Tempest (pictured) believes cruise lines need to reassess their shore-excursion model as 
third-party suppliers continue to expand.

Speaking at the Clia Selling Cruise Conference in Southampton, chief commercial officer Tempest said in light of the expansion of third-party suppliers he was putting a lot of thought into the best approach for selling shore excursions and tours.

Attraction World recently started selling cruise excursions and increased its agent commission at the end of April.

Tempest said: “I just wonder whether third parties have been in our blind spot and we have let some of those parties eat our lunch. We, and I daresay some other cruise lines, are wondering about our traditional model of offering shore excursions and tours. How fit for the future is it? And is there another model we could look at?

“That requires a lot of thought and understanding of the marketplace, but it is something that we are certainly paying attention to.”

Tempest, who was a keynote speaker at the Clia conference, also spoke about the excitement surrounding P&O Cruises’ Britannia and Royal Caribbean International’s Anthem of the Seas, which will both sail from Southampton on launch next year.

“Anthem of the Seas and Britannia will complement each other and will work together to stimulate the market,” he said. “The customers for Britannia and those for Royal Caribbean will sit comfortably together.

“We are excited about Anthem coming into the UK because of what it will do to stimulate cruise.”

Stuart Leven, UK boss of Royal Caribbean, agreed, saying: “The industry’s job becomes far easier with companies such as Royal Caribbean and P&O deploying their newest and best hardware in the UK.”