MSC Cruises goes in big on the U.S. market

The MSC Meraviglia's promenade ceiling is alight with LED lights that change patterns and even put on a show.

The MSC Meraviglia’s promenade ceiling is alight with LED lights that change patterns and even put on a show. Photo Credit: Rebecca Tobin

NEW YORK — The MSC Meraviglia arrived here on Monday from Europe, with MSC Cruises executives noting more than once that it is the largest cruise ship to dock in Manhattan.

The Meraviglia (pronounced Mer-a-VEE-lia) is sailing three cruises from New York, and then it will reposition to Miami for the winter season. The Meraviglia joins the MSC Seaside, the line’s year-round ship in the Caribbean, and the MSC Divina and MSC Armonia this fall. For the first time, MSC has four ships serving the North American market simultaneously. 

The Meraviglia, one of the largest ships in the fleet, carries 4,488-passengers at double occupancy and is 171,598 gross tons. In the U.S., only Royal Caribbean’s Oasis-class ships are bigger.

Night views: The MSC Meraviglia's pool deck.

Night views: The MSC Meraviglia’s pool deck. Photo Credit: Rebecca Tobin

“This is a perfect example of our commitment to growing in the North American market,” COO Ken Muskat said in brief remarks Monday night. “We are the fastest-growing cruise line in the world. … We are growing in North America in a very big way.” 

Even so, he added, “We’re very passionate about our European roots and our European style. You’ll see that in the decor, you’ll see that in the hardware, you’ll see that in the culinary experiences, and you’ll also see that in our entertainment.” 

The European flavour is on display the moment guests step into the center promenade. The ceiling is made up of thousands of LED lights that change into different patterns and put on an evening light show. On various visits to the promenade over the course of the evening, the ceiling changed from a pattern reminiscent of the Galleria Vittoria Emanuele in Milan to a cloud-filled sky to a homage to the Sistine Chapel.

The dramatic Swarovski crystal staircase on the MSC Meraviglia.

The dramatic Swarovski crystal staircase on the MSC Meraviglia. Photo Credit: Rebecca Tobin

The vessel is massive with plentiful public spaces. There’s a full-size, indoor basketball court. One big area with a swimming pool gives way to another big area with a swimming pool. When you get on the elevator and your guide says, “Press the button for Deck 16,” it’s not even the top deck; there are 19. 

Although it is mega in size, the Meraviglia is broken down into smaller gathering spaces that make it seem positively intimate at times. Take the Carousel Lounge, which is purpose-built for MSC’s exclusive Cirque du Soleil at Sea shows. It’s a small theatre in the (almost) round, and guests are close enough to the performers to make eye contact.  

A selection of tapas at the Hola! restaurant. The restaurant features culinary creations by Michelin-starred chef Ramon Freixa.

A selection of tapas at the Hola! restaurant. The restaurant features culinary creations by Michelin-starred chef Ramon Freixa. Photo Credit: Rebecca Tobin

The Meraviglia has no shortage of celebrity and brand partnerships. In addition to the Cirque du Soleil performances, a tapas restaurant features the dishes from Michelin-starred chef Ramon Freixa. The Chocolat and Cafe bear the name of pastry chef Jean-Philippe Maury. The kid’s clubs are Lego designed. A partnership between MSC and Martha Stewart includes curated shore excursions, gift packages and onboard holiday dinner menus.

MSC ship to be called Meraviglia

MSC Meraviglia, new class of cruise ship.

MSC Cruises said construction has begun on a 4,500-passenger ship due in 2017, and that the ship will be called MSC Meraviglia.

Meraviglia means “wonder” in Italian.

The ship is being built at the STX France shipyard in Saint-Nazaire.

Meraviglia will spend its first summer sailing the western Mediterranean, and will be the first to have three homeports: Genoa, Marseille and Barcelona.

“MSC Meraviglia will be the biggest and most innovative cruise ship ever built by a global European-based cruise line,” said Pierfrancesco Vago, MSC Cruises’ executive chairman.
WeTravel Comment!
What a Fantastic looking ship, I myself can’t wait for the MSC Maraviglia to set sail, and for MSC other brand new Class called Project Seaside to start sailing. MSC show that they are the cruise leaders in pure cruise design and don’t need all the latest gimmicks being offered by the other larger cruise companies.

MSC Cruises – MSC Meraviglia the start of construction

Since 2004, the capacity is MSC fleet grew by additions of ships by 800 percent. In 2014, 1.67 million passengers traveled on MSC ships. Until 2022, the company expects to achieve a doubling of passenger capacity with the use of 7 new ships. Growth is expected to be transported mainly by two new generations of ships, namely by ships of the Vista-class and the Seaside generation . A total of 5.1 billion euros will be invested.

msc meraviglia pool deck

MSC Meraviglia pool deck – Photo: MSC

On April 20, 2015 then served in the STX France shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, the first steel-section for the MSC Meraviglia, the first ship of Vista-class made. “Meraviglia” in Italian means as much as “miracle”.The “miracle” is to be measured with 167,600 gross tons and have 5,700 guests. The MSC Meraviglia is traveled routes in the western Mediterranean in their first summer. As the central entry and exit ports of Genoa, Marseille and Barcelona are provided.

Regarding the size of the new Royal Caribbeans has just asked in service Anthem of the Seas to compare.The 163 000 tonnes measured Norwegian escape , she takes in October 2015, the service on, ranked in a similar order of magnitude. Both ships created / caused by MEYER shipyard in Papenburg / Ems. These ships offer a wealth of technical finesse. Nevertheless, it is MSC Crociere checked if the company full-bodied speaks of the largest and most innovative cruise ship that has ever been built by a European shipping company.

STX France takes to rebuild that since March 2014, more than 400 employees of various teams have been working to define the characteristics of the ship. The MSC Meraviglia should be one of the greenest, safest and most technologically advanced ships in the industry. Stresses the shipping company that ships Vista-class thanks to its extremely flexible to easily create in each cruise port in the world. Identification of the vessel will be a three-deck-reaching, covered promenade.

In May 2017, the ship should be adopted. The second ship of this class is 2019 operation. Two other ships of the class could Bauorder to join until 2022. In the implementation is still a second new generation of cruise ships, the Seaside class. Such vessels shall be 154,000 gross tons and 323 meters in length slightly smaller than the Vista-class ships. They should go in November 2017 and in May 2018 service.