Two MSC Cruise Ships Collide

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The MSC Orchestra (left) crashed into the stationary MSC Poesia(Image: Hernan Nunez/YouTube)

Click on the image above to witness the collision.

The MSC Orchestra and MSC Poesia smashed into each other outside the port in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dramatic footage captured the moment two massive cruise ships smash into each other outside a busy port.

The MSC Orchestra, a 92,000-tonne ship, collided with MSC Poesia as it tried to leave Buenos Aires, Argentina.

One onlooker can be heard shouting “No, no, no” in the shocking footage which captured the prang on Wednesday afternoon.

The vessel crunched into sister ship MSC Poesia but somehow no one suffered serious injuries.

But debris can be seen crashing into the water at Buenos Aires in the video.

Both MSC Orchestra and MSC Poesia are popular with Brits and have been deployed this summer take tourists on cruises around Northern Europe.

It’s unclear though if any Brits were on board either vessel at the time of the crash.

  • Each ship has a capacity of 2,500 passengers.
  • The Orchestra suffered minor damage in the shunt.
  • Following an investigation, the ship was cleared to sail.

But it was delayed as it set off on an eight-night South America cruise with stops in Brazil and Uruguay.

The investigation continues.

MSC Cruises, founded in Naples, Italy, but now based in Geneva, Switzerland, is the fourth largest cruise company in the world.

MSC Cruises’ private island to have pier, amphitheater and restaurants

MSC emphasized that Ocean Cay represents a “permanent presence” in the Bahamas, and said it will be used by four ships.

MSC Cruises confirmed it will acquire use of Ocean Cay, an island about 20 miles south of Bimini, for a private cruise ship destination and that it has budgeted $200 million for the project.

MSC said that it will be called Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve. Bahamian Prime Minister Perry Christie and MSC Cruises Executive Chairman Pierfrancesco Vago signed a 100-year lease agreement in a ceremony on Dec. 16, MSC said.

Among other things, Ocean Cay will have a pier so that guests do not have to tender ashore, which cruise lines must do at some private islands in the Bahamas. MSC plans to open the destination by December 2017, in time for use by the MSC Seaside, a ship entering service in December 2017 that will be based year-round in Miami.

MSC emphasized that Ocean Cay represents a “permanent presence” in the Bahamas, and said it will be used by the MSC Divina, which sails out of Miami, and the Opera and Armonia, which will sail out of Cuba. It expects to hire 240 Bahamians to work there and will open a crew training school in Nassau to provide “local manpower” for MSC ships sailing in the Caribbean.

Plans suggest that the 95-acre island will be the most extensive cruise port in the Caribbean. MSC will build a 2,000-seat amphitheater and many bars and restaurants. The ship and all onboard services, including the casino, will stay open while berthed at Ocean Cay, MSC said.

The island has 11,400 feet of beach front, MSC said, and will accommodate six separate beach districts.

A former sand-extraction station, the island will be planted with more than 80 indigenous Caribbean trees, grasses, flowers and shrubs, such as Jamaica dogwood; red, black and white mangroves; and beach morning glory.

For MSC Yacht Club guests, an exclusive spa and wellness sanctuary with private bungalows and massage huts will be built on the northwest corner of the island.

Various areas of the island will be connected by a network of walking and running paths, and bicycle rentals and other “stress-free” transportation options will be available.

Plans also call for a Bahamian shopping village, a family beach with a kids’ restaurant and play area, a zipline attraction, a lagoon water feature, and a pavilion for weddings and celebrations.

Groundbreaking is scheduled for March, MSC said.

MSC Orchestra’s arrival in Singapore marks MSC Cruises’ first foray into Asia

MSC Orchestra sailing in Asian waters

MSC Cruises made its first foray into Asia Thursday, a region it described as ‘the new trendy area of cruising and the future area of growth’.

Welcoming some 200 passengers on board, MSC Cruises ceo Gianni Onorato said: ‘This is a historic moment in our company’s journey – the first time an MSC Cruises ship has called at the magnificent city of Singapore. In fact, all 13 ports of call on MSC Orchestra’s pioneering grand voyage are firsts for MSC Cruises.’

He added: ‘We are in Singapore to show how firmly we believe in the Asian market’s potential, which is only going to grow further in the foreseeable future.’

Speaking to Seatrade Insider, Onorato disclosed: ‘We will be deploying into Asia and need to decide when. We will perhaps go to North Asia with one of our newbuilds.’

Neeta Lachmandas, assistant chief executive, business development group, Singapore Tourism Board, also lauded the move, saying: ‘This development is testament to the potential of Southeast Asia,’

She said cruise is a high growth business with a lot of opportunities and this growth is led by Asia where now some 52 ships are deployed and including nine year-round deployments.

A Boston Consulting Group study had shown that 60% of spending is going to come from Asia by 2020, she said.

‘Southeast Asia is a cruising playground in its own right – with over 25,000 islands and diverse attractions ranging from cosmopolitan cities to pristine beaches and UNESCO Heritage sites. We are excited that travellers from all over the world will get to experience so much of Asia through MSC Orchestra,’ she added.

MSC Cruises executive director for emerging markets, Antonio Paradiso, said: ‘MSC Cruises has grown 800% since 2004. In 2014, we carried 40,000 guests per day on our fleet of 12 ships, and with up to seven new ships in two state-of-the-art prototypes coming online by 2022 we’ll double our current capacity. We used to carry 80,000 guests per year at the start and we’ll carry 80,000 guests a day at the end of our investment plan. This growth will unlock fresh opportunities, including new markets and regions, and untried itineraries.’

The 2,550-passenger MSC Orchestra is currently undertaking a 33-night voyage from Dubai to Perth, Australia. The ship will call 13 ports in eight countries across three continents. Singapore is the sixth port of call on the journey.

After an overnight stay, MSC Orchestra will sail for Benoa in Bali followed by four sea days before arriving in Cairns, Australia.

MSC Orchestra’s time Down Under covers maiden calls in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, before her final destination of Fremantle, the port serving Perth.

While MSC Orchestra marked the first time an MSC Cruises’ ship has called in Asia, the line has been carrying Asian cruisers for a period of time, particularly in the Mediterranean and the Arabian Gulf. ‘We are the biggest importers of Asian cruisers in the world,’ Onorato said.