Maurer Rides begins assembling Global Dream’s roller-coaster

CRUISE Space Cruiser for Global Dream.jpg
Test construction at MV Werften German shipyard.
Maurer Rides has started shoreside assembly of Space Cruiser, its Spike-Coaster model for Dream Cruises’ new ship, Global Dream.

Space Cruiser will be the highlight of the ship’s Dream Park at the Pier theme park at sea.

Test site near MV Werften

The animations and graphics are now becoming reality as one of the most exciting cruise ship attractions are being set up on land for testing purposes in the immediate vicinity of MV Werften, where Global Dream is under construction.

‘Among other things, the test setup will be used to test the installation methodology specially designed for ship assembly,’ said Marco Hartwig, project manager, Maurer Rides. ‘Furthermore, the conductor rail and gear rack along the roller-coaster track, which is necessary for the generation and transmission in the electric motor, can be installed on land in advance. This saves valuable time during the ship assembly.’

Global Dream Hull art revealed |

Maurer Rides will collect all the 93 support base points coordinates after the roller-coaster has been completed and forward them to the shipyard for preparation and positioning for the deck foundations. ‘With the help of this elaborate procedure, we can ensure that the support base points on the deck of the ship are in the correct positions later,’ Hartwig explained.

After the installation, three Spike vehicles will be put into operation step by step and the system control will be thoroughly tested. Before the roller-coaster leaves the test site in Güstrow, Germany, the system will be dismantled and transported to the shipyard for final assembly.

Up to 60 km/h (37 mph)

Space Cruiser is touted as the world’s longest offshore roller-coaster.

The ride starts with an acceleration section followed by two closely spaced inclined 90-degree curves. Maurer Rides said the following two ‘camelbacks’ provide a spectacular and breathtaking launch above the railing and the heads of the passengers, with a maximum speed of up to 60 km/h (37 mph.) A 360-degree downward and upward helix form the end of the 303-meter/994-foot-long track before the vehicles reach the starting station again.

‘Dream Cruises is extremely excited to be working with Maurer Rides to create this spectacular new attraction at sea onboard Global Dream. We are thrilled with the progress of the construction of the roller-coaster and are excited to unveil this ride to our guests when our ship launches,’ said Michael Goh, president of Dream Cruises.

Crystal Cruises’ new adventure ship emerges from the shipyard

Image result for crystal endeavor

The latest Crystal Cruises’ adventure ship Crystal Endeavor has been rolled out of a German shipyard eight months before it is due to enter service.

The 200-passenger polar class expedition vessel touched water for the first time at the MV Werften yard in Stralsund.

The all-suite ship is due to set off on its first cruise from Tokyo on August 10, 2020.

Crystal Endeavor will feature helicopter pads and a submarine capable of carrying seven passengers 980ft underwater.

Other facilities include chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s Umi Uma & Sushi Bar; a spa and fitness centre; mud rooms and a helicopter lounge.

Itineraries are available until early 2023 range from the Arctic, Antarctica and Australia to Africa, Europe and Indonesia.

Crystal Cruises’ president and chief executive Tom Wolber said: “Each milestone marked in the journey to introducing Crystal Endeavor to the world becomes more thrilling, as we know that the most adventurous luxury travellers are eagerly awaiting the unforgettable experiences that lie ahead, just as we are.

Revealed: Global Dream Hull Art

Global Dream

Genting Cruise Lines as unveiled Global Dream’s hull artwork, “A Dream Through Time and Space.”

Shanghai native and London-based Illustrator Shan Jiang were commissioned to create the latest chapter of the Dream Cruises hull art romance for the new 5,000-guest 208,000-ton ship.

Having worked with a variety of notable companies and publications, Shan’s work is strongly influenced by his home city of Shanghai; its skyscrapers and bungalows, contemporary concepts and traditional superstitions and flourishing subcultures, the company said.

The hull art continues the epic journey of the mermaid and the astronaut as they seek to satisfy their boundless curiosity and explore an infinite universe driven by the desire for the extraordinary, the company said, in a statement.

“Embodying the independent and fearless spirit of a new generation of traveller, the two worlds of the mermaid and astronaut blend together, resulting in a new way to explore the seven seas– one that combines age-old maritime tradition with space-age technology,” Dream Cruises announced, in a statement.

Guests at ITB Asia Genting Cruise Lines booth

The dream also confirmed the new ship would visit Singapore in early 2021 on her repositioning cruise from MV Werften.

“Singapore has been an important homeport for Genting Cruise Lines over the last 26 years and we are pleased to announce that Global Dream will celebrate her inaugural arrival in Singapore in Q2 2021 during her relocation cruise from Germany to Asia,” said Kent Zhu, President of Genting Cruise Lines. “We greatly appreciate and look forward to the continued support from the Singapore Tourism Board and our partners from Singapore and across the region.

“Having just celebrated our 25th Anniversary in Singapore last year, we are excited to return with the unveiling of Global Dream’s hull artwork at this year’s ITB Asia in Singapore. As arguably the most identifiable feature of a cruise ship, the hull artwork is another important milestone in the development of any cruise ship and will set the personality of the ship when she launches,” added Zhu. “The new hull artwork provides a fresh take on our beloved mermaid and astronaut characters and captures the adventurous spirit and sense of modernity that will be the hallmarks of Global Dream’s essence.”