partners with marketing specialist Tradedoubler

By Travolution

By Travolution
An affiliate marketing programme is being launched by in partnership with performance marketing specialist Tradedoubler.

The online cruise agent will benefit from integrated tracking across desktop, mobile devices and landline in order to diversify its marketing channels and boost sales.

This will enable the company to capture and track all audiences, both online and offline.

Tradedoubler has also worked with to produce a creative marketing and commercial model to help drive traffic and sales to the cruise aggregator’s website.

Tradedoubler already works with travel providers such as Royal Caribbean, DFDS and Expedia. head of strategic partnerships Brendon Collins said: “Prospective consumers often want to talk to a cruise agent, even if they’ve found a discounted deal online.

“With our previous affiliate marketing campaigns, we were unable to track [once the customer was on the phone] which online promotion the lead had generated from.

“However, we will be able to track the history of the consumer’s purchase journey from start to finish and the network of publishers accordingly, thanks to Tradedoubler’s seamlessly integrated tracking tool.”

Dan Cohen, regional director at Tradedoubler added: “Affiliate marketing programmes progressively need to be integrated through multiple channels and be tracked, to capture optimal audiences and maximise the return-on-investment for the advertiser.

“By being able to track the full purchase journey, advertisers will gain insight to keep re-modelling and evolving their affiliate marketing programmes, to further drive traffic and sales.”

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Cruise holiday searches see 66% upsurge, finds study

Cruise holiday searches see 66% upsurge, finds study

By Travolution
By Travolution
Online searches for cruise holidays in August soared by 66% over levels in May, new research reveals.

Consumers made a total of 2.5 million searches on Google UK for cruises in August, compared to 1.5 million in May.

Cruises to specific destinations made up 12% (289,890) of overall queries.

Independent cruise agent was the most visible site for destination-specific queries, attaining a 45% share of visibility in the organic listings, through ranking for 419 keywords. took second place with 44%. was the most visible advertiser in the paid listings, achieving a 51% share of voice. followed with 37%.

For cruise-related searches overall, was also the most visible site in natural search, capturing a 62% share of visibility. In paid listings, dominated with 50%.

The cruise sector report by digital marketing agency Greenlight found queries for tourist excursions on the River Thames saw the biggest increase compared to the Caribbean, Mediterranean and the Nile.

Queries for cruises on the Thames totalled 9,900, with searches rising 71% on May’s level, compared to 42% for the Nile and 37% for both the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

At 19,200, cumulative searches for cruises to the Caribbean accounted for the majority of destination-related queries (7%), with the term ‘caribbean cruises’ being the most popular.

The Mediterranean followed at 17,500 (6%), with the terms ‘mediterranean cruise’, and ‘med cruises’ featuring prominently.

In third place was the Nile. Collectively, ‘nile cruise’ and ‘nile cruises’ pulled in 16,500 queries.

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Nexion enabling agents to ‘take control’ of social media efforts

Nexion enabling agents to ‘take control’ of social media efforts

By Laura Del Rosso
Insight New social media tools for Nexion agents, unveiled at the host agency’s CoNexion conference in Las Vegas last month, are designed to help agents “take control of their own marketing efforts and grow their customer base,” said Nexion President Jackie Friedman.

Home-based agents who are part of Nexion can now subscribe to automated social media posts to engage with their clients on a regular basis and promote themselves and their travel products.

Friedman said that the new social media tools, part of Nexion’s OnTarget program, will be available to agents, allowing them to “opt in” to any or all of them.

“Nexion’s agents are entrepreneurs and business owners,” she said in a statement. “It’s important for us to continually provide them with the latest innovations.”LauraDelRosso

OnTarget was created by Passport Online, Nexion’s website and social media technology partner. The tools include message delivery through email, Twitter, Facebook and blogs; access to educational, informative and promotional content; the ability to promote Nexion supplier offers; and email marketing integrated with ClientBase profiles.

The email tool will enable agents to select supplier content and create emails to send to their clients along with videos, articles and other content.

The automated social media tool allows posts to be automatically “published” to agents’ Facebook pages on their behalf, with preapproval from Nexion agents.

Nexion also announced that is revamping its PowerUp training program with new and updated courses. New training will feature day-to-day tasks and communication to build relationships with clients, more preferred-supplier training programs and case study assignments which include qualifying clients, researching, closing the sale and following up.

In other news from CoNexion, the host agency honored Steve Lincoln from Bridgewater, Va., and Samantha Khalil from Palm Bay, Fla., with both Circle of Excellence and MillionAir awards, recognizing them as top producers for Nexion’s preferred suppliers and their achievement of more than $1 million in airline sales in the previous year.

Nexion is a subsidiary of Tzell Travel Group, a Travel Leaders Group company, and has been a host agency since 1995.