Disney Cruise Line bans smoking on balconies

Disney Cruise Line bans smoking on balconies

By Tom Stieghorst
Disney Cruise Line is telling customers and agents that as of Nov. 15 it will no longer permit passengers to smoke on balconies.

Guests already booked in verandah balcony cabins will be contacted by e-mail about the change.

Disney will impose a $250 penalty on passengers who are found to be smoking on the balcony or in their stateroom.

Smoking will still be allowed in designated open-air spaces on deck, Disney said.

We have just come of a Carnival cruise and they allow passengers to smoke on the balconies, we don’t smoke but every time we went on our balcony all we could smell was the different types of smoke from pipes, cigars and¬†cigarettes, this ruined our private open space that we have paid for. Smoking should be banned from all public areas, and a smoking area should be set up out of the way of non-smokers and children.