New Show for a New Ship

With the debut of Quantum of the Seas fast approaching,

the cast of Royal Caribbean’s Sonic Odyssey gets ready for an awe-inspiring

 spectacle showcasing unique sounds on innovative music instruments

created specially for the show.


Video: Royals Latest Show for the Quantum of the seas

Being at the forefront of entertainment comes naturally to Royal Caribbean International®. Through the years, the company has pushed beyond the main stage to introduce new ways for ships to entertain — on the ice, in the water, and in the air. And now with the introduction of Quantum of the SeasSM, Royal Caribbean will transcend the idea of entertainment altogether.

“Royal Caribbean doesn’t see barriers. If we see something on land, we bring it to the sea. But Quantum of the Seas is different — we’re creating things from scratch. It’s completely unique,” said Nick Weir, Vice President of Entertainment.


Quantum of the Seas’ entertainment lineup introduces a few things the world has never seen before — like dancing robots, new musical instruments, and a space that can change to any scene in the world.

Two70° is considered the “great room” of Quantum Class. By day, it is a bright and welcoming lounge where guests can enjoy the beautiful sea views through oversized windows that span three decks. By night, the space can be transformed in minutes into something completely different.

One of the main attractions in Two70°, Vistarama uses the windows as a digital canvas, creating an entirely new scene — outer space, deep sea, forests and almost anything else you can imagine — through video mapping and powerful projectors. Over 100 feet wide and 20 feet tall, and at a stunning 12K resolution, the picture quality exceeds even the highest resolution movie screens.

The headlining show featuring Vistarama technology is Starwater, the story of a muse, Celestia, who brings together the magic of the stars and the mysteries of the seas. An awe-inspiring visual and theatrical spectacle, Starwater shows the combined emotional power of digital mapping, special effects, and Royal Caribbean’s own talented performers.

Another unique Two70° innovation is the Roboshow, a troupe of six Roboscreens that stage surprise performances throughout the cruise. Each screen measures over seven feet high and is controlled by powerful robotic arms. Though the Roboscreens are huge, the power behind them makes the screens delightfully nimble as they interact in a series of short vignettes.


Royal Caribbean also explores new frontiers in global sound with Sonic Odyssey, a show developed by the team in collaboration with innovator and performance artist William Close. The production includes his one-of-a-kind instruments, like his signature Earth Harp whose strings will extend over the audience, all the way to the back of the Royal Theater; a unique Drum Wall consisting of 136 drums; a Violin Dress and more. These weave together with a nine-piece live orchestra and a cast of singers, dancers, aerialists and gymnasts.


Even the parties on Quantum of the Seas will incorporate technology, themes, and interactivity in a way that’s never been done before. Quantum of the Seas will not only introduce the hit Broadway musical Mamma Mia! at sea, but also the Mamma Mia! After Party where guests can walk a red carpet to meet the show’s stars before dancing and jiving into the late night. Other new parties will use the unique qualities of Quantum’s new space to create an immersive atmosphere — like Gatsby in Two70°, where digital technology will transport guests to the Roaring Twenties. And in the intimate Music Hall, a new late-night party called Wink is infused with class and sass as Royal Caribbean’s performers entertain an adults-only crowd.