Explorer of the Seas damage does not affect safety

Explorer of the Seas damage does not affect safety

The Explorer of the Seas has sustained a bit of damage during a storm, although the Royal Caribbean has said it does not affect the safety of the cruise ship. A large wave smashed into Explorer of the Seas and hit its lifeboats, where one sustained some damage, but seeing as though new cruise ships have more than enough lifeboats, there is still enough for all passengers and crew.

According to Royal Caribbean Blog a huge wave that measured around 40 feet hit the lifeboats on deck four, which you can see an image of above. We would imagine that these passengers were scared when sailing through those rough waters, although it is to be expected at this time of year in certain regions.

We do love a good cruise, but there are areas where we tend to stay away from, choosing to go places where the waters are calmer.

Doors are closed so that water cannot enter the ship during bad weather, but some water managed to get through a sliding door on deck four, which in turn flooded the aft of the deck. Water then came into the Aquarium bar, dining room lobby and flooding down the stairs

There are no reports of injuries and the ship has continued on its normal course.

Royal Caribbean International: Explorer of the Seas damaged by rogue wave

Photo: Ocean Liner Pictures

The 311 meter-long cruise ship Explorer of the Seas (commissioning September 2000), the US shipping company Royal Caribbean International, was today taken early around 5 clock of an approximately 12-meter high rogue wave while partially damaged.

What force can put in such enormous wave, demonstrates a photo that is currently in circulation. It shows a total of 26 lifeboats, which are located between the top 4 and 5. The impact was so violent that one of the boats apparently triggered by the davits and hit the promenade deck. One can question the right, what would have happened if several lifeboats would have been affected and used in a possible evacuation of up to 3,114 passengers and 1,180 crew members.

Was injured, according to initial information nobody. Only a few elevators and automatic sliding doors to deck 4 aft fell out temporarily, so that an ordinary thrust succeeded in sea water in the board inside. Currently the ship is on the way to the safe haven of St. Maarten. At the moment it is assumed that the Explorer of the Seas is the continuous routes expire as scheduled.

Video below show’s the moment a rouge wave hits the ship.

 Video of the damaged caused