Captain ‘recorded’ ordering Concordia stunt

Captain ‘recorded’ ordering Concordia stunt

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The captain of the Costa Concordia was recorded ordering his crew to sail close to the island of Giglio just hours before its hull was ripped apart by rocks, resulting in the deaths of 32 people.

Francesco Schettino is currently facing trial over his role in the partial sinking of the vessel. He stands accused of manslaughter and abandoning ship.

According to reports, the court heard a recording made on the bridge, in which he reportedly said: “Let’s get really close to Giglio, I love doing these salutes. Let’s go and do this Giglio s***.”

It is believed that the manoeuvre was conducted in order to impress Mario Palombo, a veteran captain who was on the island on the night of the disaster.

In another recording played to the jury, Schettino can be heard speaking to Roberto Ferrarini, head of Costa Cruises’ crisis unit. He said: “Roberto, I took the ship past Giglio. Palombo was telling me ‘sail close, sail close’. I hit the rocks. I’m destroyed, I’m dead, don’t say anything to me.”

Last week, first mate Giovanni Iaccarino also testified that the captain had told officers on the bridge he “messed up”, having struck the rocks.