Costa hires food-waste consultant

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Costa Dolorosa
 Costa Cruises has partnered with Winnow, a London company that reduces food waste for hospitality companies.

The Costa Diadema is already serving as a lab for process improvements that will be implemented on all Costa ships in Europe and Asia.

On its website, Winnow said the hospitality sector wastes 600,000 tons of food per year compared to the retail sector (including supermarkets), which wastes 400,000 tons. Winnow said that on sites where it has worked for over six months, it has reduced food waste (by value) by an average of 65%, and that savings break even with Winnow’s fees in the second month of operations.

“Tackling food waste is a huge opportunity for the sector, and with the right tools can be transformative for the entire cruise line industry,” Winnow CEO and co-founder Marc Zornes said.